New Age Food


At this moment the instability of our planet Earth is on her maximum. Itís possible to explane this point in a physiological way. We are really on a cross-road: at one side we have the possibility to take one road wherein the all humanity should became on a very low  level than the actual, by the other side we can take a road wherein everyone an higher level can became on spiritual and material way. More and more people became ill , has allergic reactions, new illness , many difficult in a choice of food because in the world are every day new form of epidemical ill by every kind of animal. Many persons look at for an alternative source of alimentary energy A challenge of our time consists in sensitise the most people about this matter and to cooperate for our environment and for a better life.

Itís for this reason that the Manthissa Foundation has take a decision of tell the people about a new alternative of alimentary energy. A form that can give more strong and collective consciously. This is Durable Energy from the effort of all of us. Manthissa Foundation wisht to help you to learn how prepare, make and beware this kind of food, BASIC FOOD.Because evolution go trough the alimentary chain and itís has an acceleration from this. Itís also a reason that every holy book speak about the importance of nourishment.



Basic Food

Why this word? Because the basis is the foundation where we can build everything. This is the ďdigestion keyĒ that give at our body the possibility to take and elaborate our food. The only system that can transform the bad effects of food (for example genetically manipulated) in positive. Basic Food as the statement that let work our body in a optimal way and give nourishment to our body and mind. Basic Food is the alternative to the very complicate choise in a finding the right food. Itís give us many possibilities and all with every individual food tradition. Everyone, every land can use and elaborate Basic Food.