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The Multiple Wave Oscillator (MWO)

The Multiple Wave Oscillator (MWO) was invented by Georges Lakhovsky with the assistance of Nikola Tesla for his expertise in engineering of radio technology. They were used historically in French cancer clinics in the 1920s and 1930s. We are proud to bring available the most accurately replicated Multiple Wave Oscillators since Lakhovsky's original.

Each "Ultimate MWO" comes with two tuned hollow tri-metal antennas (see intro), a bipolar tesla coil power supply contained in a handy carry case with two sealed, rechargeable batteries for operation without incoming or outgoing interference. Battery charging system is also included. All units are hand made to order requiring 2 to 3 weeks to be shipped after order is confirmed and paid. This is a high quality research instrument requiring pre-purchase research by the researcher. The heart of the MWO is a precision tuned bipolar tesla coil which is tuned to the outer two antenna segments. A specially designed adjustable inverter and dual spark gap allows for precision adjustment. These units operate with sealed Lead Acid rechargeable batteries (included) and are very easy to operate.


How it works:

The researcher gets between two special Antennas which radiate a full spectrum of harmonics in the radio-frequency spectrum. This antenna shown on the left is the latest improved design with ball ends on each tube. Take note of the concentric rings on this antenna; the outer ring is tuned to a C, the next smaller to a C#, with each whole set of rings sounding a full harmonic C major scale! These research instruments are hand-built with the quality of a handmade musical instrument with potential going far beyond that. This model is not to be mistaken for the Bob Beck print plate antenna models popularized since the late 80's; these are designed from the original Lakhovsky specs. The tuned antennas coupled with the bipolar tesla coil put this design in a completely different league than the Beck style! These units are literally designed to cover the entire range of harmonics and due to the precision tuning involved in the manufacturing process!
   The Multiple Wave Oscillator (MWO)

Current researchers such as Robert Becker (author of The Body Electric and Cross Currents) bring Lakhovsky theory into the forefront of current health research: Every living being emits radiation. The nucleus in each cell in our body functions as an electrical oscillator with insulative tubular filaments and chromosomes in a conductive fluid. As Mark Clements (Author of Waves That Heal and english translator of Lakhovsky's The Secret of Life) points out: "These filaments constitute minute oscillating circuits endowed with capacity and inductance and capable of oscillating according to a specific frequency. They are comparable to the circuits, coils, and windings of radio-recievers." The truth may be that our cells should rather be compared to radio-transcievers in that our cells both transmit and receive radio oscillations. (No wonder cell phones give me such as disruptive headache - they are not tuned to my cells!)

Every cell in the body is then exposed to its perfect frequency. When cells are resonated properly with the appropriate vibratory oscillation it allows the body as a whole to work very efficiently in eliminating toxins and breaking up blockages of energy as well as tumor research. The MWO makes every cell in your body vibrate at its original resonant frequency - this could be the frequency of youth!

 With thanks to Hessel Hoornveld