The old men is our history and our future.


If we want became old in a good way we must listen to our ancient people, because in a short time we became old.

To be old can be a very good time in our life but only when the person has a good life.

Unfortunately our old people are often only baby sitters in our family or domestic hulp

They must, for financial reasons, live together with jong people with great problems.

Manthissa Foundation has a new initiatieve: make corporations. These are groups of old people that in their past work have had a specialisation in one of more areas. They give one of more times in a week, during 1 o 2 weeks, what they know to jong people, who is working in their same field. Therefore jong people can use the experience for a better future and  nothing is lost.

 Manthissa Foundation has courses and exspecially food preparations. To many things to tell all of these. You can think, for example to bread with special ingredients for all kind of ill. Expecially mediterrean and italian kitchen for third age. All of these with fantasy and creativity for a life full of happines.


The ancient people is the memory that build the future. 


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or call the number 0031 33 4519748